Wippli & Macquarie Business School World’s First AI Classmate Trial


Wippli and Macquarie University Business School revolutionise education with the world's first AI Classmate for human and AI collaboration.


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Sydney, March 2024 – Wippli, the emerging workflow platform for smart collaboration, today announces the launch of a pioneering trial at Macquarie University Business School (MQBS). This world-first AI Classmate system is designed to revolutionise the educational experience for students and tutors.


Key Highlights:

  • The trial boasts involvement from over 512 students and tutors, utilising two advanced, pre-trained AI Classmates and a sophisticated automation system within Wippli's Smart Workflow platform.

  • These AI Classmates are trained to interact like peers, offering consistent, contextual support and enhancing the learning experience.

  • This initiative is set to tackle the challenges faced by universities worldwide in facilitating effective group assignments and collaborations, areas where Wippli excels and existing systems often fall short.

Innovative Educational Collaboration

Educational institutions have long faced challenges in fostering effective collaboration for group assignments. Wippli's AI Classmate initiative addresses this gap with pre-trained AI support, seamlessly integrating into MQBS's existing systems. This inventive solution ensures consistency in communication and introduces a new level of transparency and record-keeping.


Setting a Global Benchmark for Learning

"We are incredibly excited to unveil the world's first AI Classmate at Wippli, in partnership with MQBS, ... This is more than just a technological advance; it's a redefinition of collaboration and support within education, setting a global benchmark for the future of learning."

Jay Marcano, CEO and Founder of Wippli.

With the AI Classmate, Wippli is set to deliver:

  • A consistent, enriched collaborative environment for both students and tutors.

  • Significant administrative time savings for educators, enabling a focus on high-value educational activities.

  • Complete access to the cutting-edge tools offered through the Wippli platform, ensuring streamlined workflows and effective task management.

The team at Wippli have been tireless in their efforts to dig deeper and unearth solutions tailored to our specific needs

Dr. Lauren Gellatly
MQBS Project Leader

Leveraging Wippli's inherent flexibility and network effects to adapt to the evolving needs of the educational sector, Wippli is set to further revolutionise learning through the "Wippli EduBundle." This initiative, aiming to create a unified platform for educators, students, and AI assistants, signifies a leap towards a collaborative future where technology and human intelligence meet to create value.

Set for global commercialisation, this trial marks a significant stride in making advanced, secure, and interactive educational environments accessible worldwide, embodying Wippli's commitment to innovation and adaptability in education.


About Macquarie University Business School

Located in Sydney, Australia, Macquarie Business School, a part of Macquarie University, distinguishes itself through a commitment to reimagining and rewriting the rules of business. This approach ensures a focus on purposeful education and the delivery of solutions with a significant global impact. By fostering a collaborative environment, the school aims to blend ambition with supportive resources, creating a future-oriented community of learners, educators, and innovators​


About Wippli

With global roots and Sydney-based, Wippi is a tech startup set to disrupt smart collaboration and generative AI, The Wippli Ecosystem seamlessly interconnects businesses, individuals, AI, and traditional tools within a comprehensive workspace. Renowned for its innovative solutions, Wippli promotes end-to-end engagement, productivity, and compliance in client-supplier-partner collaborations.


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