Frequent Asked Questions

Before you know it you’ll be a Wippli expert, but in the meantime, here are the answers to some of your questions!

So, here we go! 

What is wippli?

We define Wippli as a Smart Workflow, but Wippli also fits into the Project Management and productivity tools arena.

The purpose of Wippli is to serve as a platform to engage clients and suppliers to work together on tasks from beginning to end.

For whom is Wippli?

Wippli is for everyone, from suppliers and clients to all the collaborators around them.

Wippli works for freelancers, small businesses, and even enterprise customers. There's no business too big or small to benefit from Wippli. Wippli is not tied to any one industry, so it can be used for any discipline, as long as they work with digital files.

Is Wippli right for my business?

If you're looking to streamline your processes while improving your relationship with clients, suppliers, or anyone in between, in a platform that looks and will make you look fantastic, then yes, Wippli is for you!

Why is Wippli different from other productivity tools?

Most of the tools currently on the market are focused on the concept of teamwork and collaboration. Wippli takes this a step further, by being based on the "engagement" between suppliers and clients when undergoing tasks together.

Also, Wippli is a linear end-to-end system that covers a whole workflow from beginning to end, a process that could take around eight apps to replace.

How much Wippli is going to cost?

You would need to use almost ten apps and automations to do what wippli does, which means users will ensure quantifiable cost-savings. Wippli is web-based and intended to be so easy to use that it will run on anything while improving productivity and saving costs. 

We're modelling our pricing structure to deliver all of Wippli’s benefits at a reasonable and accessible cost so that everyone can enjoy them. 

- Hint: Wippli will be free for freelancers!

What are Wippli Benefits?

Apart from making lives easier for everybody, Here are the real business problems that Wippli can solve:

  • No more jumping between applications to cover workflow, wasting time and money. 
  • Inefficiencies and budget blow-outs from too many stand-alone solutions, multiplied by subscriptions, resulting in cost, quality and time issues
  • Security Risks; the more subscriptions, the higher the security/privacy risks. The consequences of security breaches are known to be catastrophic for businesses.
  • Lack of accountability; teams not knowing who’s doing what or the status of the task. Also, a lack of a centralised-solutions that promote visibility, raises trust issues, low-morale and underperformance.
What stage is Wippli in?

We're developing our first scalable MVP and jumping into user-testing and debugging with specially selected early adopters and corporate customers. At the same time, we'll be incorporating additional functionalities to get all our systems ready to ensure a secure and seamless experience.

So, if you're interested in being an early adopter, request access here, and we'll be in touch the moment we're ready to test. 

When will Wippli be ready for subscribers?

We're working very hard to ensure Wippli is up to the highest standards.

We're estimating Wippli will be ready to take on paid customers in Q1 2022, so stay tuned! 

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