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Freedom, Excellence and Responsibility

Our story begins as a small studio with a nomad soul and, more importantly, amazing corporate clients. Based in Sydney, we are a truly international business with team members and clients located worldwide. We always pursue excellence, we are prompt and efficient, and clients love working with us!
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We started with the idea of serving our clients on the go, from wherever we are. To deliver an excellent service and remain competitive against larger businesses, we needed a centralised process that facilitates productivity, visibility and communication among our clients and our team. We needed this without the confusion of inaccurate information, the annoyance of fishing emails around, and jumping from one system to another.

All requests pass through our brief, so we receive all the relevant information. The brief then becomes notifications and cards. Picture this – our Director who is on a bus in London allocates a job to a colleague in Moscow. Voila – there is a  common place where all involved, including the client, can operate and communicate effectively. Behind this easy-to-use workflow that allows us to manage our workload remotely and on the go was much time, effort, and hard work, combining several solutions available in the market.

To produce a solution that involves the whole end-to-end service journey among clients, suppliers and teams, we picked the essential functions we needed in our workflow, eliminated elements that could complicate our process, then compiled, sequenced and packaged into what is Wippli now.

We conceived Wippli with three things in mind when it comes to delivering and receiving a service: Firstly, truly remote work, secondly, the conversations and engagement between clients, suppliers and teams, and ultimately, helping people to work better. - Wippli being able to combine those three things effectively will result in happy suppliers, clients and teams, not to mention time saving gains, thus improving quality of life. 

To be true to our vision, we needed three things: 

  • Ensure we receive accurate information from our clients in a place visible to all.

  • Uncomplicated ways to manage the team, work in progress and proofing; ensuring visibility and communication. 

  • A place where all team members can send files with consistent communications that are neat, branded and memorable, so clients see they're coming from the same business, regardless of who sent the email and from where. 

In the process of building a better and simpler solution that covers the end-to-end workflow, we've realised that Wippli is unique when compared to other services. But not just that, Wippli is more. Wippli gets under people's skin. It truly helps people work efficiently and effectively, engage in creative ways, save time and minimise stress. It encourages relationships between suppliers, clients, and teams. It makes workflow systems a breeze for all involved and ensures a platform for productivity and happy users.For all of Wippli's capabilities, what matters most is how it positively impacts its users.

As Wippli becomes a reality, we have engaged with clients, collaborators, and talented employees all around the globe. We meet online, at home, at cafés, the beach, and co-working spaces, at all hours of the day and night! This has been the canvas that has helped Wippli evolve.

Engagement has been so impressive that Wippli has become a family that now totals more than 20 collaborators and mentors worldwide, from junior developers to CEOs, who have recognised Wippli's vision and necessary place in the market, and joined us on this fantastic, challenging journey.

There is still work to do and barriers to overcome, but commitment (and the team) is growing every day, and every day we're even more confident and empowered.

We boast 20 years of experience and exposure with both clients and suppliers in diverse industries. We are excellent at what we do and offer impeccable quality and support to our users. Every day, we're even more faithful to Wippli's promise of delivering a neat and friendly smart workflow that connects suppliers, clients and teams to engage, produce and thrive from anywhere.


Our reason to exist

People are at the centre of all we do; they give us a sense of direction and belonging, driving us to make everyone’s lives simpler, more productive and ultimately happier.


Our Vision

Wippli's vision is to help people do a better job, easily, while improving global and remote interactions.

Wippli is the one-stop home for all the steps of a given workflow. With Wippli, users can organise and streamline processes while nurturing relationships among teams.

Wippli is an indispensable partner who walks users through the process. With Wippli, teams work smoothly, professionally, and efficiently! 

Along with its users, Wippli will continually evolve, promoting a culture of transparency, innovation, and service, in hand with the highest ethical principles to ensure long-term relationships. 


Our Mission

Wippli strives to be the global standard for Project Management Systems and smart workflows. 

The unquestionable leader for initiating, producing, and delivering jobs, with ongoing, value-adding features that ensure continual satisfaction and sustainable growth.


Our Values

We embrace freedom, excellence, and responsibility as the foundations of Wippli’s philosophy.

Our values define who we are; our culture, our ethos, and ultimately, to celebrate our existence.


Users first, always

As our leading partner, our users are at the top. 

All our efforts and innovations are dedicated to ensuring experiences that are smooth and easy, so Wippli is a home where users can work happier and be more productive.


A trustworthy partner

Relationships are based on trust, and we take that as our mantra to ensure everything we produce is with the highest principles of integrity, always aiming to promote honest and fair people and business interactions, and always safeguarding and protecting the security and confidentiality of our users and partners.


Excellence is NOT negotiable

We will always adhere, comply, and exceed best practices with our users, our people and with the environment. 

We’ll always pursue excellence, and a balance between functionality and aesthetics, so our stakeholders can rest assured we don’t cut corners in our pursuit of the best, most reliable and rewarding experiences.


Global, remote, and diverse workforce

As a global remote solution, Wippli promotes and encourages remote working with top people with multicultural and diverse backgrounds; a place of collaboration, creativity, and respect, where we can be free, responsible, and productive.

Meet the Team

We are truly global and remote. We aim to be the best in all that we do, and we apply all that we know and all that we are capable of, with the very purpose to help people do a better job, as our contribution to make the world a better place.

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Jay Marcano MBA MSc MA
CEO - Founder

Sydney - Australia  

For over 20 years, Jay mastered remote working while exposed to creative and consulting services in Australasia, The UK, the US, and LATAM. 

Jay drives the business to ensure Wippli's vision and value proposition are executed across every channel and touchpoint.

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Publio Lorenzo

Miami - USA  

After a prolific career at HBO, Mattel and Motorola, Publio is in charge of overseeing Wippli's Financial Valuation, review and pressure-test Wippli's revenue streams and innovation pipeline for fundraising purposes. Publio will also lay the foundation of US operations in line with Wippli’s vision and global market development strategies.

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 Daria Lau
Design Lead

An amazing designer who happens to be a philosopher.

Daria has been involved in Wippli from Ideation, logic and Design to the whole UI and UX. Daria was the one in charge of our brilliant brand identity, the one to call when in need of creative direction.


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